Love to travel, Hate to pack!

Love to travel, Hate to pack!

We've put off travel for as long as we could out of caution over Covid 19. But, our travel desires have reached a fever pitch so we need to get away. Millennial women like us crave the jetset life. Don’t get us wrong, Miami life is amazing but, exotic travel feeds the soul fresh new ideas and expands the mind. If you're feeling the same urge to take off do so safely and yes, glamourously! 

Below here are some of our tips for packing for luxury while you chase an Endless Summer.

  1.  Always have a toothbrush, hair tie/ brush, eye mask, and carry-on deodorant. God forbid you ever get trapped in an airport too long you will always have these basics handy to look rested and smell fresh.

  2. Roll, don't fold! You'll have more room for more fabulous options!

  3. Pack an uber lightweight empty duffle bag. This extra piece is essential for easily bringing all of your newest goodies home. 

  4. Whether your luggage is custom monogrammed Goyard or an affordable set from Home Goods, TSA will treat it the same, keep that in mind when choosing the material of your suitcase. We recommend a lightweight aluminum set. Double points for the stunning Dior x Rimowa set.💕

  5. Buy a luggage scale. An #ElectricBabe would never be caught dead with her wares spread out on the airport floor trying to figure out where to stash her Dyson hairdryer because she didn't know her luggage was overweight. 

  6. Make a list then keep it! We keep a list in our phone notes for what we must-have for each type of vacay. That way we can easily reference it in case a PJ is gassed and waiting for us! Try a list for a winter week away, a beach trip and a big city adventure to start. 

  7. Load up on your entertainment beforehand. Make a playlist, download "Don't F With Cats" on Netflix, and make sure your Audible book list is filled with juicy novels.

  8. Don't pack last minute! If you can start packing a full week ahead. Seeing pieces actually laid out together will help you edit then re-edit to fully insta-worthy looks. 

  9. Want the most insane photos to fill your feed after your trip? Do your research! Type in your destination and add ‘instagrammable’ to the search bar. That way you don’t miss any of the cities most photo friendly locales. Bonus: plan an outfit that accentuates the decor to really make your photo epic. 


Use some of these handy tips on your next glam adventure and share some of your own tips in the comments. We love learning from you!

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