Sephora Makeup Class

Sephora Makeup Class

Hey Electric Babes!

We just left the most AMAZING makeup class with one of our favorite stores, Sephora. The class was all about creating a perfect nighttime smokey eye and boy did we! 

We prepped and primed, learned which undertones made up our skin and learned which brushes were best to create the look. 

Givenchy Mascara

Then the professional makeup artists helped us recreate the demo on ourselves with all their favorite products. The ladies also introduced us to some awesome limited edition palettes for the season. 

Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder

We had the most amazing time! Have any of you babes attended Sephora classes? Which one did you go to? What did you think? 

And because we love you we've included a link here for you all to attend Sephora's classes too! 

xoxo -Electric

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